Supported Missions

Ascending Leaders | Mike Johnson

This ministry supports effective discipleship in churches by coaching, teaching and resourcing. They coach churches, teach discipleship to staff and lay leaders and publish small group studies for use by disciples. They provide experienced coaches who will help you find your church’s unique strengths, set unique goals for creating a discipleship culture, and implement clear action steps to get there. Their coaches walk alongside you, because they understand that discipleship is not an inspiring event or an academic seminar; it’s a journey.

Hispanic Ministry Developer | Scott Geurink

Scott Geurink serves as the Hispanic Ministry Developer for Zeeland Classis. He has been able to use his experience of 25 years in church planting to come alongside and assist local Hispanic church planters to start new Hispanic CRC churches throughout the West Michigan area. He is involved in training potential church planters and mentoring them through the process of developing healthy congregations. He also seeks new opportunities to minister to the Hispanic community by leading evangelistic Bible studies in area greenhouses and dairies.

Mission India

Mission India’s vision is to see India transformed by the love of Christ. To accomplish this, Mission India is equipping and training indigenous workers to plant churches through Church Planter Training, Adult Literacy Classes, and Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs with the goal of seeing a church planted in every village.

Jubilee Center International | David and Emily Romero

Jubilee Centers International provides a high quality, transformative Christian education to vulnerable children and youth in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in the at-risk neighborhood of La Era. Currently, we have nearly 300 K – 9th students with the hope to add all high school grades in the next few years. Our goal is to minister spiritually, emotionally, and academically to all of our students and their families. Jubilee also is a local church operating out of the school building on nights and weekends, providing spiritual support, programming and a Christian community to school and neighborhood families.

The Bridge Ministry Center

Our mission is to provide a place where kids are safe, loved, valued, surrounded by caring community members that introduce them to Christ’s love in everything they do. Our aim is to have middle and high school students become engaged and invested members of our community. We do this by building deep inter-generational relationships focused on academic success, social connectedness, mental health, and career-oriented development.

Crossroads Prison Ministries

Crossroads Prison Ministries catalyzes Christ-centered mentoring relationships between people in prison and volunteers from churches throughout the world. The unlikely relationships formed through studying the Bible together and exchanging letters transform both those inside and outside prison walls. For those who are locked up, experiencing the love of a mentor is metamorphic. The mentors’ encouraging and guiding words have a deep impact, providing a vivid picture of the unconditional love of Jesus. Volunteers who have been Christians for decades are transformed as well, discovering renewed purpose and excitement as they make an eternal difference in the life of someone previously thought to be discarded.
Crossroads Prison Ministries embraces those behind bars as brothers and sisters in Christ. Through a relationship with Jesus Christ and the loving example of their mentors, Crossroads’ students can become agents of hope and change within correctional facilities. As they engage in Bible study with their mentors, leaders are identified and deployed. This causes cell blocks, day activity rooms and entire prison facilities to be transformed into healthy, vibrant communities of faith.
As these same leaders are released back into their communities, they bring positive change and revival to the churches that receive them. While that is happening in the free world, those who will never be released are providing a foundation on which the church inside prison walls is built.

United Bible Society | Rev Don Slager

I serve primarily as the editor for the English Handbook Series of United Bible Societies. It helps translators around the world deal with textual, exegetical, and translation issues in each book of the Bible. I finished the first edition of these Handbooks last year. Now I’m revising them, especially in electronic format. I also serve as the translation consultant for Bible projects in Liberia, West Africa. Presently there are three active project there: Bandi, Dan, and Maan. Since 1990 I have helped to complete four Bibles (Bassa, Kisi, Klao/Kru, Kpelle) and six New Testaments (Bandi, Gola, Manya, Vai, Tchien Krahn, Western Krahn) in Liberia. I also helped to complete the Kuranko Bible and Kono New Testament of Sierra Leone. I travel twice a year to Liberia for this work (about a month each time). I also work online with the projects from my home in Wisconsin (about two months a year). I can do this via Skype using the Bible translation software called Paratext.

Mike and Kelli Anderson | South American Mission

Mike and Kelli serve in Pucallpa, Peru with South America Mission.  Mike makes regular trips to a local village, helping indigenous pastors develop an oral Bible storying curriculum for their Bible Institute.  He also has been involved in the logistics of getting the Bible Institute up and running again.  Besides the indigenous aspect of his role, Mike is also the project manager for the SAM Center and SAM Academy as they remodel several of the buildings and welcome work teams from the States.  Kelli holds down the fort while Mike is in the village and also helps with hosting teams from the States and coordinating different mission events.  

Beautiful Gate Lesotho | Lesotho, Africa

Beautiful Gate exists to reach out to orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children ages newborn to 5 years old, and give them the love they need and deserve. It exists to glorify God by giving these children their childhood while they wait for their forever families which is the ultimate goal. Until that happens Beautiful Gate is their family.

Global Church Ministries | Rev Fikret and Darlene Bocek

Fikret and Darlene Böcek have been church-planting in Izmir, Turkey since 2001. A native of Turkey, Fikret works on networking reformed churches to be biblically growing, maturing, and replicating. He preaches, writes, and heads up book translation projects both in preparation for a seminary and for strengthening laymen. His long-term efforts include a Bible translation. Darlene likewise works with the ladies and children of the Protestant Church of Smyrna and in a writing ministry to bring resources into the Turkish church.

Resonate Global | Rev. Jeong and MiSook Gho

For almost two decades, we have been working toward two goals: reconciliation and evangelism. Our work has grown from just a tiny spot in Tokyo in 1995 to cover vast areas including Japan, Korea, and a neighboring country now. We continually train future leaders with Discovery Bible Study Training, Timothy Leadership Training, and Evangelical Teacher Association Training. Our prayer is that this call from God handed down to a group of faithful and trained leaders could train others who could train others in turn. We dream a great dream with you for Asia through these ministries. May God’s name be honored in Asia  greatly!

Wycliff Translators | Jessica and Ovi Dumea

Jessica and Ovidiu serve in sign language Bible translation projects for the Deaf in the Eurasia area. For Deaf, sign language is their first language and the language that best reaches their hearts. This means that instead of a written spoken language, a sign language video of a translator signing into the country’s specific sign language is best understood for the Deaf. Like each country has their own spoken language, they also have their own signed language (and sometimes even more dialects!). Ovidiu is hard-of-hearing and has two Deaf siblings. He has worked in Bible translation into his own heart language of Romanian sign language and wishes to use his experiences to serve other sign language teams. Jessica is a sign language translation consultant and is able to help check if sign language translations are clear, accurate, national, and acceptable. She has worked with three different projects in Europe and one in the Middle East. They love to see how having God’s Word in their own language helps the Deaf know God better and even for the first time.

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