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December 13, 2020


Morning Worship Service

(Service available on website


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“The Plunder Of Peace”

Genesis 3:1-24





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – December 13, 2020

Accompanists:                           Sue Arendsen

Audio/Visual Operators:           Matt VanderPloeg, Larry Redder, Mitch Boerman




WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – December 20, 2020

Accompanists:                            Sue Arendsen

Audio/Visual Operators:         Jerry Redder, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Matt VanderPloeg




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Sunday – December 13

NO In-Person Church Services today



Tuesday – December 15

3:45 PM    Worship Planning Meeting











Members with COVID-19:  There are many folks in our church family and community who have fallen ill with COVID-19.  We pray for their recovery and restoration of health.


Council Member of Focus:

Elder Stephan Hilbelink






Steve & Dee Huizenga would like to “Thank everyone for your prayers, cards, and calls during Steve’s surgery and now during his recovery.  We are so thankful for a loving Church who remembers us in their prayers!  Philippians 1:3 – ‘I thank my God every time I remember you’.”





Jennie VanderWoude lives at Holland Home/Raybrook Manor in Grand Rapids.


Hermina Fransens lives at SKLD Healthcare Center in Zeeland.





Rev. Fikret Bocek works for Global Church Ministries as a church-planter and Pastor in his home country of Turkey.  For more information, check the website





(December 8, 2020)

Dear Congregation:  The Elders of North Street have decided that for December 13 and December 20 North Street CRC would be worshiping via Live Stream only.  This would be a single worship service that will be presented in real time at 9:30 AM on those dates.  This means that even though we will not be in the sanctuary, those leading us in worship would be.  This service would also be available for viewing at a later time.

This decision was made after much discussion and prayer and followed a recommendation by the Executive Committee.  Among the items considered during the discussion were the following items:

•The continuance of the “pause” by the Michigan Department of Health.

•The numerous cases of COVID-19 among the members of North Street CRC.

The Executive Committee will be meeting on Monday, December 21, to discuss options for worship on Christmas Day, December 25 and on Sunday, December 27.


The Congregational Meeting that was scheduled for December 14 has also been postponed.  Several options for alternate ways to hold the meeting were discussed but we decided that none of the alternatives offered adequate opportunity for discussion or an appropriate way to vote anonymously.  A new date has not yet been set for this meeting but it is anticipated to be in January / February.  In the mean-time, and because the 2021 budget does not call for an increase, we respectfully ask that you continue your giving at the current level.


Please remember the Executive Committee and Elders in prayer as we seek to lead the Lord’s people at North Street.  It is no easy or light manner to forego in person worship but it is one that we feel is appropriate at this time.


‘May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us’ - Psalm 67:1





Offering Schedule:

Dec. 13:  AM   Harvest Stand Ministries


                 PM   IRBC


Dec. 20:  AM   Parkview Home


                 PM   Holland Rescue Mission



Thanksgiving Day Collection:  The total amount received from the Thanksgiving Day Collection was $20,277.00.  A breakdown of the amount received for each cause/agency will be listed in the next issue of ‘The Reflections’.


Please Note:  All receipts for reimbursements or invoices to be paid for 2020 must be turned in by Thursday, December 17.  Please place these items in the Treasurer’s mailbox.





Found:  A Ladies Black Columbia coat with car keys in the pocket for a red 2016 Chevy Silverado.


BANKET that was made for the CAP Auction is in the freezer in the kitchen for your holiday parties.  Put your donation (payable to NS CAP) in the container.


Google . . . you tube Dan Sterk . . . and listen to Dan’s thoughts for every-day life that are posted regularly.





North Street Christian Reformed Church

December 13, 2020 – Morning Worship Service

Third Sunday of Advent – “Joy”


God Greets Us

  Scripture Meditation                                                                                    Isaiah 32:17



  Lighting of the Advent Candles                                             Tim & Amy Schutt Family

  Call to Worship                                                                               Psalm 29:1-4, 10-11

  Opening Prayer                                                                                                              

* Opening Hymn                              “Joy To The World! The Lord Is Come” (vs. 1,2,4)

* God’s Greeting & Congregational Response                                                    “Amen!”


God Assures Us Of Forgiveness

  Confession of Sin                                                                                 Hebrews 10:1-18

  Assurance of Pardon                                                                                                      

  God’s Law                                                                                               Romans 12:1-2

  Hymn                                                            “O Little Town Of Bethlehem” (vs. 1&4)

  Congregational Prayer                                                                                                    


God Instructs By His Word

* Hymn                                                         “Comfort, Comfort Ye My People” (vs. 1-3)

  Prayer of Illumination                                                                                                    

  Scripture                                                                                    Genesis 3:1-24 (page 3)

  Sermon                                                                     “The Plunder Of Peace”

  Applicatory Prayer                                                                                                         

* Hymn                                                                                    “Joy Has Dawned” (vs. 1-4)



* God’s Parting Blessing                                                                                                  

* Congregational Response                                                                                 “Amen!”

* Closing Adoration of God                   “Joy To The World! The Lord Is Come” (vs. 3)

* Moment of Silent Prayer and Meditation                                                                           

* Postlude                                                                                                                        


Participants In Service:

            Minister:                                                                                 Rev. Shaun Furniss

            Accompanist:                                                                                  Sue Arendsen

            Technology:                           Matt VanderPloeg, Larry Redder, Mitch Boerman

            Advent Readers:                                                          Tim & Amy Schutt Family






Morning Worship Service – December 13, 2020

“The Plunder Of Peace”

Genesis 3:1-24

Rev. Shaun Furniss







I.    A Peaceful Paradise Lost (vs. 1-7)














II.  A Peaceful Promise Given (vs. 8-24)