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Dear North Street Family,

Recent news concerning the Corona Virus or Covid-19 has been changing rapidly and has stirred a whole spectrum of emotions ranging from being dismissive to being overwhelmed with anxiety.  In an effort to quell fears and respond appropriately, the elders of our church seek to provide a prudent, wise and compassionate response to this Corona Virus outbreak.  We have sought wisdom and direction from health and government officials, Zeeland Classis, other local churches and our own Response Committee.  In an effort to comply with the Governor Gretchen Witmer’s executive order of today (March 13th) our church family will…


  1. Suspend worship services & educational ministries through April 5th
  2. Suspend all at-home, hospital, pastoral visits and counseling.  Contacts will be done by phone


Our thinking as elders accords well with the words and wisdom of Rev. Francis Grimke, pastor of Fifteenth Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. during the time of the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 when a similar suspension of worship took place.  He wrote to his congregation, “The fact that the churches are places of religious gathering and the others not, would not affect in the least the health question involved.  If avoiding crowds lessens the danger of being infected, it is wise to take the precaution and not needlessly run in danger.” 


We will be reassessing our response daily in an effort to stay up to date on all the necessary steps we must take to ensure that we are doing all we can to care for our church family during this time.  Because of the uniqueness of this season for all of us, we ask your grace and patience as we seek to implement these temporary changes.  We will do all that we can to communicate changes as soon as they arise.  Ministry at North Street will continue during the next few weeks; it will simply look different.  Our elders and deacons will be meeting Monday night (March 16th) to discern ways we can best serve our congregation in this time.  Future communications will be sent out through the prayer line and will be found on our website.  During this time that our church is closed to public services, let us use this absence of gatherings as an exceptional time under the hand of God’s providence to reflect on our lives, our church, our family, our community and our Great Savior, Jesus Christ and to pray for the sick and the medical professionals.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or your district elder. 


His Servant and Yours,

Rev. Shaun M. Furniss