North Street
Christian Reformed Church

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June 13, 2021


Morning Worship Service

9:30 AM

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Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“The Four Horsemen Of The End Times”

Revelation 6:1-8


Evening Worship Service

5:30 PM


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“All Will Bow Down”

I Samuel 5:1-12




Accompanists: AM     Sue Lucas                       Prelude:  Sue Lucas, Naomi VanDussen

                          PM     Sue Arendsen

Ministry of Music:      PM         Sharon DuBois, flute; Sue Arendsen, accompanist

Ushers:             AM & PM The Grove:   Jim Staat Jr.

                          AM & PM Sanctuary:     Jackson Busscher (East), Brian Busscher (Center)

                                                                    Greyson Busscher (West)

Rover:               AM     Scott Hoek                                      PM     Todd VandenHeuvel

Nursery:            AM    Laura Visser, Leigh VanDussen, Naomi VanDussen, Derek Bostrom

                           PM     Kathy Busscher, Tyler Bostrom, Greyson Busscher

Audio/Visual Operators:  AM     Matt VanderPloeg, Ron Oskam, Jackson Busscher

                                           PM     Matt VanderPloeg, Ron Oskam, Jackson Busscher




Accompanists: AM     Ruth Meekhof

                          PM     Sue Arendsen, Stephanie Klein

Ushers:             AM & PM The Grove:   Jim Staat Sr.

                          AM & PM Sanctuary:     Nick Fortosis (East), Bill Lyzenga (Center)

                                                                    Todd VandenHeuvel/Luke Mast (West)

Rover:               AM     Larry Redder                              PM     Brent Leegwater

Nursery:           AM    Megan VanDussen, Nancy Oskam, Sadie DuBois, Abby Venema

                          PM     Shawna Bouwkamp, Jasmine Vincent, Haley Poortvliet

Audio/Visual Operators:  AM   Todd VandenHeuvel, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Larry Redder

                                          PM   Todd VandenHeuvel, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Larry Redder



Bulletin Announcements should be submitted by noon on Thursdays. 

You may submit announcements by e-mail (, by calling Carol (772.1557), 

Or write them out and place them in the Bulletin Editor’s mailbox in the Narthex.






Sunday – June 13

9:30 AM    Morning Worship Service

5:30 PM    Evening Worship Service


Monday – June 14

7:00 PM    Council Meeting


Tuesday – June 15

                   High School Youth Group Retreat

6:30 AM    Elder Prayer Time

3:45 PM    Worship Planning Meeting


Wednesday – June 16

                   High School Youth Group Retreat


Thursday – June 17

                   High School Youth Group Retreat





June 20  Communion – AM Service

June 20  Father’s Day

June 22  Summer Splash – Sterk’s Home

June 24  CCM Bible Study

June 28  Elders/Deacons Meetings





Ovi & Jessica Dumea work for Wycliffe Translators in Romania.  They are involved in the signing ministry to help the deaf better understand The Bible.




Miles Hilbelink (son of Stephan & Danielle):  Please keep Miles in your prayers as he had a successful surgery to repair his torn meniscus and ACL, but is experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in his recovery.  We pray that the pain would subside and his healing would continue.


Tim Meekhof:  Please be in prayer for Tim as he received shots this past week in an effort to relieve his chronic headaches.  We also pray for Tim’s mom, who was recently hospitalized with two broken ribs after she fell at home.  We pray for her ongoing recovery that will take place at Brookcrest in Grandville.


Gert VanSomeren:  We give thanks to the Lord that Gert has been discharged from the hospital and has returned to the Atrium at Royal Park.  We pray she has no further complications with blood clots.


Council Member of Focus:

Deacon Brent Leegwater






Hermina Fransens lives at SKLD Healthcare Center in Zeeland.


Carolyn (Carrie) Redder lives at Resthaven Care Center (740 College Avenue Rm.#17) in Holland.






Ken VerBeek

91 on June 17






Connie DeHaan would like to say “Thank You to the Congregation for the many ways you helped to celebrate my 90th Birthday.  I feel very blessed by God and you!”


Howard & Marian Johnson have moved to American House.  Their new address is:

      Howard & Marian Johnson

      American House – Lighthouse Building – Unit #3

        11905 James Street, Holland MI  49424


New Cell Phone Numbers for Earl & Judy Mokma:

        Earl        1.616.635.9582

        Judy       1.616.635.9597





Krista Hoek (daughter of Scott & Karen) is a Graduate Student in the Master of Accounting Program at Calvin University.  This fall she will be taking Governmental/Not-For-Profit Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Accounting Communications, and Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination.  This summer Krista will be working full-time in the Accounting Department at RDV Corp.  She will be working part-time at RDV during the fall semester.  After Krista completes her Master’s Degree in December, she will begin working as an auditor at Rehmann, an accounting firm in Grand Rapids.  Krista celebrated her 23rd Birthday this past Friday, June 11.  Happy Birthday Krista!  We pray that God will bless you as you work full-time this summer, look forward to completing your Master’s Degree, and begin new employment.




Kids Church Softball League:

               North Street vs. Noordeloos

               Wednesday, June 16 @ 6:45 PM

               @ Drenthe Grove





Offering Schedule:

June 13: AM   Lakeshore Pregnancy Center


               PM   Mission Aviation Fellowship



June 20: AM   The Bridge


               PM   North Street CAP





Parkview Adult Foster Care Home Yard Cleanup will take place on Saturday, June 19, at 9:00 AM.  Please sign up at the Information Center to help us plan, or contact Terry Boerman.