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November 8, 2020


Sunday Services for November 8

have been cancelled.


Pastor Shaun and his family

were exposed to COVID-19

and are showing symptoms of the virus.

Testing has not yet been completed.

Due to this late development

and for concern of others,

the Executive Committee

felt it best to cancel the services.


There will be no Services posted to the website.

DVDs or CDs will not be available this week.





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – November 8, 2020

Accompanists: AM     Sue Arendsen

                          PM     Sue Arendsen

Ushers:             AM & PM     The Grove:   Keith Boerman, Martin Bostrom

                                  Sanctuary:  Earl Mokma (East), Larry Harmsen (Center), Tim Meekhof (West)

Rover:               AM     Brent Leegwater                             PM     Mark DuBois

Nursery:           AM     Linda VanderPloeg, Ruth Meekhof

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM     Jerry Redder, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Mitch Boerman

                                           PM     Jerry Redder, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Mitch Boerman





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – November 15, 2020

Accompanists: AM     Ruth Meekhof

                          PM     Ruth Meekhof

Ushers:             AM & PM     The Grove:   Bob Schipper, Nick Fortosis

                                  SanctuaryJim Staat Jr. (East), John Bos (Center), Bill Schreur (West)

Rover:               AM     Larry Harmsen                               PM     Keith Boerman

Nursery:           AM     Laura Visser, Heidi Bostrom

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM   Jerry Redder, Larry Redder, Matt VanderPloeg

                                           PM   Martin Bostrom, Larry Redder, Matt VanderPloeg




Bulletin Announcements should be submitted by noon on Thursdays. 

You may submit announcements by e-mail (, by calling Carol (772.1557), 

Or write them out and place them in the Bulletin Editor’s mailbox in the Narthex.





Sunday – November 8

                   NO Morning Worship Service

                   NO Sunday School/Catechism

                   NO Evening Worship Service

                   NO High School Youth Group Meeting


Monday – November 9

7:00 PM    Council Meeting


Tuesday – November 10

6:30 AM    Elder Prayer Time

3:45 PM    Worship Planning Meeting


Wednesday – November 11

(CADETS meet from 6:45-8:30 PM)

6:45 PM    Jr.Cadets/Cadets Meetings

                   (boys 2nd-8th grades)


Thursday – November 12

6:30 AM    Men’s Bible Study – Fireside Room





Nov. 15      NO High School Youth Group Meeting

Nov. 18      GEMS Meeting

Nov. 23      Elders/Deacons Meetings

Nov. 26      Thanksgiving Day Service – 9:30 AM





Rev. Don Slager has been involved in Bible translation for his lifetime, mostly in the countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone (West Africa).  Presently he serves as a Bible translation consultant in Liberia. He also is the editor of Bible Handbooks for translators worldwide, doing this work under United Bible Society.




Terry Boerman:  Please be in prayer for Terry as he was unable to have his treatment this week due to other symptoms.  We pray these can be relieved and that he can continue in his treatment regimen.


Steve Huizenga:  Please keep Steve in your prayers as he will be having foot surgery this coming Wednesday, November 11.  We pray this surgery will relieve his chronic pain.


Chuck & Lynn Johnson:  Please pray for Chuck & Lynn as Chuck is now home under palliative care.  We pray that his symptoms would be managed well.


Betty Kroll:  Please be in prayer for Betty as she will be going in for a PET Scan on Monday and awaits the results from her doctor at her appointment on November 18.  We pray that this scan will provide encouraging results.


Sydney Leegwater:  Please keep Sydney in your prayers as she was diagnosed with COVID-19.  We are thankful that her symptoms have been mild this far and pray that she is able to make a full recovery.


Tim Meekhof:  We give thanks to the Lord that Tim was able to have a successful knee surgery this past week and is recovering well.


Miedema Family:  Please remember Mitch & Sarah and their son Trevor, in your prayers as they have all tested positive for COVID-19.  We are thankful that their symptoms have been manageable thus far and we pray that they would all make a full recovery.


Vern & Shirley VanKlompenberg:  We give thanks to the Lord that Shirley continues in her recovery from COVID-19.  We continue to pray for Vern who no longer needs oxygen assistance, but is now battling MERSA, which is a different kind of infection.


Council Member of Focus:

Deacon Ron Oskam






Offering Schedule:

Nov. 8:   AM   North Street CAP

                 PM   World Renew


Nov. 15:  AM   Lakeshore Pregnancy Center


                 PM   Forgotten Man Ministries



Sunday Services for November 8 have been cancelled.  Pastor Shaun and his family were exposed to COVID-19 and are showing symptoms of the virus.  Testing has not yet been completed.  Due to this late development and for concern of others, the Executive Committee felt it best to cancel the services.


From The Deacons:  North Street has again been given a generous donation of over-the-counter medicine – including children’s items, dental items, pain relievers, and more.  Items will be available at the kitchen serving window following the worship services.  Adults may come and help yourself to a few items.  If you have any questions, please contact a Deacon.


Cold & Flu Season:  As we approach the cold and flu season, please be mindful of others.  If you do not feel good, please stay home.


The Thanksgiving Day offering envelopes have been placed in your mailbox.  There are additional envelopes at the Sign-Up Station.  These envelopes can be placed in the offering basket on Sunday-November 15, Sunday-November 22 or Thanksgiving Day.  There are several groups/agencies to choose from.  All loose and undesignated money received will go to the Outreach Fund.  The deacons discourage you from writing in additional causes.  If a group/agency is written in, that amount will be given to the Outreach Fund.  Any envelopes received after Thanksgiving Day will go to the Outreach Fund.





The Bridge Youth Center is looking to fill a newly created position as Volunteer Services Coordinator.

All applicants can request a job description or submit a cover letter and resume by contacting The Bridge Youth Center, Attention Scott Baumgartner, Youth Development Coordinator, 210 E. Main, Zeeland, or






The Memorial Service for Martin VanderMeulen (that was supposed to take place on Saturday, November 7) has been postponed.  A new date and time will be announced later.

         A Baby Shower is being held for Levi Michael Furniss, infant son of Pastor Shaun & Amanda.  Please place your gifts in the Playpen in the Narthex by Sunday, November 15.


John & Beth Apotheker would like to “Thank the North Street family for the many calls, prayers, and cards lovingly given as we grieved the death of John’s sister, Ann Nieboer, who went to be with the Lord after battling cancer.  We appreciate the expressions of love and sympathy.”


Del & Winnie Machiela would like to “Thank the Congregation for the many prayers and cards we received in the passing of Winnie’s sister-in-law, Ida DeYoung.”





Carolyn (Carrie) Redder lives at Resthaven Care Center (740 College Avenue Rm.#17) in Holland.


Helen VanZanten lives in her home in Zeeland.






Del Machiela

94 on November 12


Lorraine Wieringa

90 on November 12






North Street’s Annual CAP Auction was cancelled this past Friday.  A new date will be announced later.


The Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child program is currently in full swing!  As of Wednesday, Nov. 4, all the boxes have been claimed and 47 boxes turned in.  Shoeboxes must be turned in to the office or left on the table in the Narthex by Sunday, November 15.  Please turn them in as early as possible, so we can make sure we reach our goal of 100 boxes!  There is still time to donate, if you would like to make a monetary donation to fill a box or help with shipping costs; place donations in Jim Jr./Dana Staat’s church mailbox.  Note:  please unwrap and discard any packaging on your shoebox items to make more room in your shoebox!  For gift suggestions and/or more information see Dana Staat ( or visit


Piano/Music Students:  Instead of our typical Christmas program prelude presentation, the Worship Committee would like to put together a video recording of students playing their Christmas songs.  The recording would then be used for a prelude.  This process will allow for proper distancing and sanitizing.  Please email Sue Arendsen ( or call (616.886.9918) if you are interested and for further details by November 16.