North Street
Christian Reformed Church

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October 11, 2020


Morning Worship Service

9:30 AM

(Service available on website


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“Being Able To Tell Time”

I John 2:18-27


Evening Worship Service

5:30 PM


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“The Righteous Shall Live By Faith”

Habakkuk 1:12-17; Habakkuk 2:1-5





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – October 11, 2020

Accompanists:       AM    Kristi Boerman, Val Leegwater

                        PM     Jennifer Fortosis

Ministry of Music:   PM        Sue Arendsen

Ushers:            AM & PM     The Grove:   Lyle VanKlompenberg, Joel Beezhold

                                SanctuaryBill Schreur (East), Martin Bostrom (Center), Brian Busscher (West)

Rover:                AM    Scott Hoek                                     PM       Scott Visser

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM    Matt VanderPloeg, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Mitch Boerman

                               PM     Matt VanderPloeg, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Mitch Boerman





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – October 18, 2020

Accompanists: AM    Sue Lucas

                        PM     Sue Lucas

Ushers:            AM & PM     The Grove:   Jim Staat Jr., Larry Harmsen

                                Sanctuary:  Jim Staat Sr. (East), Todd VandenHeuvel (Center),

                                                  Carl Weener/Matt Huizenga (West)

Rover:            AM    Zach VandenHeuvel                     PM     Brian Mast

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM   Martin Bostrom, Ron Oskam, Matt VanderPloeg

                               PM   Jerry Redder, Ron Oskam, Matt VanderPloeg




Bulletin Announcements should be submitted by noon on Thursdays. 

You may submit announcements by e-mail (, by calling Carol (772.1557), 

Or write them out and place them in the Bulletin Editor’s mailbox in the Narthex.






Sunday – October 11

9:30 AM    Morning Worship Service

                  Coffee Fellowship – ‘The Grove’

10:50 AM  Sunday School/Catechism ‘til 11:45 AM

                  Offering – Mission India

5:30 PM    Evening Worship Service

6:45 PM    High School Youth Group – ‘The Grove’

Monday – October 12

7:00 PM    Council Meeting

Tuesday – October 13

6:30 AM    Elder Prayer Time

3:45 PM    Worship Planning Meeting

Wednesday – October 14

(Cadets meet from 6:45-8:30 PM)

6:45 PM    Jr.Cadets/Cadets Meetings

                  (boys 2-8th grades)

7:00 PM    Finance Meeting – Council Room





Oct. 18      High School Youth Group Meeting

Oct. 18      Communion – AM Service

Oct. 21      GEMS Meetings





Offering Schedule:

Oct. 11:  AM   Good Samaritan Center


                PM   Mission India


Oct. 18:  AM   Family Research Council


                PM   North Street CAP


Cold & Flu Season:  As we approach the cold and flu season, please be mindful of others.  If you do not feel good, please stay home.




Mitch Arendsen:  Please keep Mitch in your prayers as he has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19.  He is in quarantine on campus at Albion College where he is a senior.  We are thankful that his only symptom is a sore throat.


Del Machiela:  We are thankful that Del’s most recent doctor’s appointment revealed that he continues to respond well to his chemotherapy treatments.  We pray that this continues.


Todd VandenHeuvel:  We give thanks that Todd’s recent appointment with his doctor revealed that he is continuing to make progress after foot surgery.  We pray that his foot will be healed enough so he can return to work soon.


Joyce Zylstra:  We give thanks to the Lord for the encouraging reports Joyce received, revealing that hers is not the aggressive form of cancer they feared.  We are thankful that she will be able to begin her radiation treatments soon, but will not have to undergo chemotherapy.


Council Member of Focus:

Deacon Mike VanAst






A Wedding Shower is beginning for Kristen Mulder & Tyce VanKoevering who are planning an October 23 Wedding.  Please place your gifts in the shopping cart in the Narthex by October 25.





Marlin Vis lives at Grace of Douglas in Douglas.


Marian Kuipers lives in her condo in Zeeland.





Library Information:  At the present time, please feel free to take books out of the Library (they do not have to be checked out).  Return them when you are finished; placing them on the Library desk.  The books will be returned to the shelves by a Librarian.


Fall Women’s Bible Study:  This is a great opportunity to join with the other women at North Street to study God’s Word without the restriction of a weekly meeting time.  Each participant will have their own ‘Love God Greatly’ Study Journal (cost $12.00) that includes plenty of room to journal your daily SOAP reflections as you dive deeper into God’s Word individually!  There will also be a private group on Facebook as an optional way to share with other participants and build community while we are apart.  We are not planning to meet in person or via zoom, so connecting online or in casual conversation will be extra special.  Please signup at ‘The Signup Station’ in the Narthex or contact Nakisha DeJong (283.3804 or by October 11.  Note:  there is also a companion Study Journal designed for children ages 5 and older if you are interested in doing this study as a family.


Upcoming Elections:  With the upcoming election approaching, please remember that the deadline to register to vote by mail or online is October 19.  If anyone needs assistance in obtaining an absentee ballot, or if you have any questions about the upcoming election, you may contact Sheryl VandenHeuvel (1.616.834.7746).


The Outreach Committee is once again collecting Christmas shoeboxes for boys and girls around the globe through Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child program.  Shoeboxes can be picked up in the Narthex.  The goal for North Street is 100 boxes!  If  you would like to make a monetary donation to fill a box or to help with shipping costs, place donations in Jim Jr./Dana Staat’s church mailbox.  Shoeboxes must be turned in to the grocery cart at church by Sunday, November 15.  Note:  please unwrap and discard any packaging on your shoebox items to make more room in your shoebox!  For gift suggestions and/or more information see Dana Staat ( or visit





Hispanic Ministry Developer - Pastor Scott Geurink continues to minister to Hispanics in the Western Michigan area with evangelistic Bible Studies in greenhouses and farms, mentoring and coaching Hispanic leaders and pastors, and assisting in the training of church planters.





The 2nd Annual Parkview AFC Home Sporting Clay Shoot Fundraiser at Blendon Pines, Zeeland, will be Saturday, October 24, at 8:30 AM.  Sponsor ($150.00) and Shooter ($50.00/adult; $35.00/student under 18).  Registration forms are available from your Parkview Board Representative.  Call Terry Boerman (886.8299) for more information.


Jubilee Centers International will host a virtual event this year to share our successes, our needs, and especially God’s faithfulness to Jubilee’s students, staff, and families in the midst of this crisis.  Just as in past years, the event will celebrate Jubilee’s work and mission through story-telling, singing, testimonies, reflection, and worship.  This online event style will be a first for us, but we look forward to sharing our story with you as you welcome us into your home–virtually.  Save Tuesday, October 20, 2020, at 8pm EST, for Jubilee’s Annual Celebration Event titled "Loving One Another".  The event is only 45 minutes long and you won't want to miss this inspirational program!  All you need to do is register online and a link for the event will be sent to your email address.  Register at  We hope to see you there!