North Street
Christian Reformed Church

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September 6, 2020


Morning Worship Service

9:30 AM

(Service available on website


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“God Is Light”

I John 1:5-10


Evening Worship Service

5:30 PM


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“Our Statement Of Belief:

The Language Of God”

Galatians 3:29; Galatians 4:1-7





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – September 6, 2020

Accompanists: AM     Sue Arendsen

                          PM     Sue Arendsen

Ushers:             AM & PM     The Grove:   Jim Staat Sr., Larry Harmsen

                                  Sanctuary:  John Bos (East), Dan DeJonge (Center), Carl Weener/Tim Meekhof (West)

Rover:               AM     Brian Mast                               PM     Tim Schutt

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM     Jerry Redder, Larry Redder, Matt VanderPloeg

                                            PM     Martin Bostrom, Larry Redder, Matt VanderPloeg





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – September 13, 2020

Accompanists: AM     Ruth Meekhof

                          PM     Ruth Meekhof

Ushers:             AM & PM     The Grove:   Nick Venema, Bill Schreur

                                  SanctuaryBrian Busscher (East), Keith Boerman (Center), Curt Lucas (West)

Rover:               AM     Dan Sterk                                   PM         Larry Redder

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM   Jerry Redder, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Matt VanderPloeg

                                           PM   Jerry Redder, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Matt VanderPloeg




Bulletin Announcements should be submitted by noon on Thursdays. 

You may submit announcements by e-mail (, by calling Carol (772.1557), 

Or write them out and place them in the Bulletin Editor’s mailbox in the Narthex.






Sunday – September 6

9:30 AM    Morning Worship Service

                   Coffee Fellowship – ‘The Grove’

5:30 PM    Evening Worship Service


Monday – September 7

5:00 PM    Executive Committee Meeting


Tuesday – September 8

6:30 AM    Elder Prayer Time

3:45 PM    Worship Planning Meeting





Sept. 13      High School Youth Group Meeting

Sept. 14      Council Meeting





Henry & Joyce Tamminga:  Henry lives with their daughter, Paula, in Zeeland.  Joyce lives at Lakeside Vista in Holland.





Gret Heuvelman

93 on September 8


John VanderWoude

95 on September 11





Terry Boerman:  We give thanks to the Lord that Terry had an encouraging report from the doctor and another round of treatment.  He will be going in on October 1 for a heart ablation to address the rapid heartbeat spells.  Please continue to remember Terry in your prayers.


Howard Johnson:  Please continue to keep Howard in your prayers as he continues in his recovery after having a heart attack.  We pray that he will be able to make strides in his long road of recovery.


Josh & Chelsea VandenBosch:  Chelsea’s dad, Doug,

received the news that he is not eligible for a bone marrow transplant at this time.  Though disappointing, they will continue in his treatments in the hopes that a future biopsy will reveal that he is eligible.  We pray for the effectiveness of his treatments and for God’s continued faithfulness.


Elaine Venema:  We give thanks to the Lord that Elaine’s surgery went well and her surgeon believes that he was able to relieve the area that was causing her symptoms.


Joyce Zylstra:  Please be in prayer for Joyce as she received the news this past week that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  As she awaits further tests and scans, as well as treatment and/or surgical options, we pray for clarity, peace, and healing.


Council Member of Focus:

Elder Allyn Arendsen






The Bridge Ministries of Zeeland provides a safe environment for the youth in the Zeeland area to spend leisure time.  Volunteers and staff are there to provide counseling and mentoring.  For more information, check out the website





Howard Johnson would like to say “Thank you for all the prayers, cards, calls, and delicious food that we have received following my recent heart attack.  We are so thankful for your thoughtfulness.”


Todd VandenHeuvel would like to say “Thank You to my Church Family for all of your prayers, calls, and cards over the past few months.  I covet your continued prayers as I face another month of being completely off my feet.  I hope to be able to return to work in early November.”





Song Services:  The Worship Committee is planning for our monthly song services for the remainder of the year.  The Committee would like to have requests from the congregation, but without the hymnals in the pews, we need your input ahead of time to be able to project the chosen songs.  There is a box at the ‘Welcome Center’ to submit your song request.  Please write your name and song title on the paper provided and put the paper in the box.  We look forward to hearing from you and singing praise to God together again for our monthly song service.





Offering Schedule:

Sept. 6:   AM   Holland Rescue Mission


                 PM   Lakeshore Pregnancy Center


Sept. 13:  AM   Mission India


                 PM   One Way Ministries


From The Deacons:  North Street has been given a generous donation of over-the-counter medicine – including children’s items, dental items, pain relievers, and more.  There are 2 tables set up in Room #1 (Children’s Worship Room).  Adults may come to the room and help yourself to a few items.  If you have any questions, please contact a Deacon.





Borculo Christian School Annual Mum Sale will be held on Saturday, September 12, from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM in the school parking lot.  There will be many different sizes and colors of mums available as well as other types of plants for Fall decorations.  Please join us as we support the mission of BCS!


Borculo Christian School Golf Scramble fund-raising event will be held on Saturday, Sept. 19, at 9:00 AM at Crestview Golf Course in Borculo.  Registration forms can be printed from the school website  The cost is $85.00 per person for the 18-hole scramble event which includes a noon pig roast lunch and prizes.  A $10.00 discount is offered for early registration, no later than September 8.  Contact Adrian Meekhof (616.690.2454) for more information or registration.