North Street
Christian Reformed Church

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August 16, 2020


Morning Worship Service

9:30 AM

(Service available on website


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“Screwtape Letters 2020:

What Are The Signs Of The End?”

Matthew 24:1-14


Evening Worship Service

5:30 PM


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“Our Statement Of Belief:

The Great Commission Of The Church”

Matthew 28:16-20





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – August 16, 2020

Accompanists: AM     Ruth Meekhof

                          PM     Ruth Meekhof

Ministry of Music:       AM        Curt & Jamie Lucas; Kristi Boerman, accompanist

Ushers:             AM & PM     The Grove:   Dan DeJonge, Larry Harmsen

                                  Sanctuary:  Nick Venema (East), Brian Busscher (Center), John Bos (West)

Rover:            AM     Brent Leegwater                                 PM   Mark DuBois

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM     Todd VandenHeuvel, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Matt VanderPloeg

                                             PM     Todd VandenHeuvel, Sheryl VandenHeuvel, Matt VanderPloeg





WORSHIP ASSISTANTS – August 23, 2020

Accompanists: AM     Sue Lucas

                          PM     Kristi Boerman, Val Leegwater

Ushers:             AM & PM     The Grove:   Bill Schreur, Curt Lucas

                                  SanctuaryKeith Boerman (East), Jim Staat Sr. (Center), Brian Mast (West)

Rover:            AM     Mike VanAst                                             PM         Larry Harmsen

Audio/Visual Operators:   AM   Don Mannes, Larry Redder, Matt VanderPloeg

                                             PM   Don Mannes, Larry Redder, Matt VanderPloeg





Bulletin Announcements should be submitted by noon on Thursdays. 

You may submit announcements by e-mail (, by calling Carol (772.1557), 

Or write them out and place them in the Bulletin Editor’s mailbox in the Narthex.






Sunday – August 16

9:30 AM    Morning Worship Service

5:30 PM    Evening Worship Service

6:30 PM    H.S. Youth Group Event

Cookout/Swimming Night @ Dan & Kristin’s Home


Tuesday – August 18

6:30 AM    Elder Prayer Time

3:45 PM    Worship Planning Meeting


Thursday – August 20

7:30 PM    CCM Bible Study





Aug. 24      Elders/Deacons Meetings

Aug. 27      Cards For Christ

Aug. 27      CCM Bible Study





Rev. Don Slager has been involved in Bible translation for his lifetime, mostly in the countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone (West Africa).  Presently he serves as a Bible translation consultant in Liberia. He also is the editor of Bible Handbooks for translators worldwide, doing this work under United Bible Society.





Stephan & Danielle Hilbelink Family:  Please keep the Hilbelink family in your prayers as they received the tragic news a week ago Saturday of the suicide of Stephan’s brother, Matt.  We pray for Matt’s widow, children, and the entire Hilbelink family as they experience this terrible news and had his funeral service yesterday (Saturday).





Jennie VanderWoude lives at Waverly Meadows in Holland.


Helen VanZanten lives in her home in Zeeland.





Terry Boerman: We give thanks that Terry was able to receive his 13ths round of chemotherapy.  We pray that the upcoming scan (Sept. 14) will reveal the effectiveness of these treatments.  We pray that side effects will remain minimal and that Terry will make a full recovery.


Hermina Fransens:  Please remember Hermina in your prayers as she fell in her apartment this past Wednesday.  Although she is quite bruised, she is thankful she did not sustain any broken bones.


Betty Kroll:  Please remember Betty in your prayers as she continues in her radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  We pray that they would prove to be effective and that side effects would be minimal.


Henry Meppelink:  Please be in prayer for Henry & Anna as doctors have determined that the cause for Henry’s symptoms is Vascular Dementia.  We pray that the regimen of medications will prove to be effective in lessening his symptoms.


Von Vis:  Please pray for Von as she underwent emergency surgery this past Monday, August 10, to repair tears in her retina.  We pray that this surgery is successful and that her sight is maintained.


Vern & Shirley VanKlompenberg:  Please keep Vern & Shirley’s great-grandson, Silas, in your prayers as he has joined the Army and will be going away to boot camp soon.


Todd VandenHeuvel:  Please be in prayer for Todd as he will be going in on Thursday, August 20, for surgery to address his broken foot that has not yet healed.  We pray that his surgery and recovery go well, and that he may return to regular activities in a timely manner.


Council Member of Focus:

Elder Ed Zylstra






Emma Hilbelink (daughter of Stephan & Danielle) is starting her Junior year at Calvin University, focusing on a Nursing Major.  Emma is taking classes in Nursing Strategies, Nursing Theories, and practicums that focus on community care and mental health.  She is working at Blodget Hospital as a Unit Secretary as well as being a tutor at Calvin for chemistry, biology, and other pre-nursing courses.  Emma is going to be trying out for Calvin’s Knightengals Choir and is excited to be living in an on-campus apartment this year!  Her email address is  Emma will be celebrating her 20th Birthday on Thursday, August 20!  Happy Birthday Emma!  We pray God will bless you as you continue working towards your Nursing degree!





Offering Schedule:

August 16:     AM   Mission India


                       PM     Harvest Stand Ministries


August 23:   AM     ZCS-Christian Learning Center


                       PM     Family Research Council



The Congregation is encouraged to continue with financial support of North Street and the various ministries that we support.  Weekly budget envelopes can be mailed to the church at 20 E. Main Avenue, ZeelandThe Deacons would like to encourage the congregation to continue supporting the causes/ministries that would have been receiving our offerings collected during our Worship Services.  We will provide a link where you can go and enter a donation for them online.  Some causes do not have a webpage.  Please contact your District Deacon with any questions.





Sunday Morning Worship Service and Bulletin will be found on our Church’s website (  DVDs/CDs of the Morning Service and Printed Bulletins will be available at the ‘Welcome Center’ in the Narthex on Monday.





The Calvinist Cadet Corps is planning our 6th annual Sporting Clay tournament for August 22, at the Blendon Pines Gun Club in Zeeland.  For more information, call the Corps office (616.241.5616 ext.4) or check out the Cadet website under the ‘events’ tab.  Registration forms are available at or email  Proceeds benefit the 2021 International Camporee in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


IRBC (Institute for Reformed Biblical Counseling) will be offering The IRBC Basic Training Course in Biblical Counseling in September.  This course is for those who really want to grow in a practical understanding of God’s Word as it applies to the common problems people experience.  For more information and an online registration form, go to  Classes start in September and will be held at Central Avenue CRC in Holland.  Applications are due by September 1.