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June 7, 2020


Morning Worship Service

Drenthe Grove   10:30 AM


(Service available on website


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“The Lord Goes Before You”

Deuteronomy 31:1-8



Sunday Morning Worship Service and Bulletin will be found on our Church’s website ( on Sunday mornings.  Printed Bulletins and DVDs/CDs of this Service will be available at the ‘Welcome Center’ in the Narthex on Monday.


Sunday – June 7

10:30 AM  Morning Worship Service

                   @ Drenthe Grove

Monday – June 8

7:00 PM    Council Meeting

Tuesday – June 9

6:30 AM    Elder Prayer Time

3:45 PM    Worship Planning Meeting





Mission India is an agency that trains and equips local Indian Christians in the country of India to teach The Bible and form clusters of new disciples.  They do this through organizing Children’s Bible clubs, adult literacy classes, and church planter training.  For more information check the website





Offering Schedule:

June 7:    AM  Family Research Council



June 14:  AM  Lakeshore Pregnancy Center



The Congregation is encouraged to continue with financial support of North Street and the various ministries that we support.  Weekly budget envelopes can be mailed to the church at 20 E. Main Avenue, ZeelandThe Deacons would like to encourage the congregation to continue supporting the causes/ministries that would have been receiving our offerings collected during our Worship Services.  We will provide a link where you can go and enter a donation for them online.  Some causes do not have a webpage.  Please contact your District Deacon with any questions.





Terry Boerman:  We give thanks to the Lord that Terry was able to receive another treatment this past week.  We pray that the upcoming scans will show that his chemo has been effective in eradicating his cancer.


Everdeane Bonnes:  Please be in prayer for Everdeane as she recovers from foot surgery that took place on May 29.  We pray, that as a result, she will be relieved of the chronic and debilitating pain.


Jean Halma:  Please keep Jean in your prayers as she underwent foot surgery that resulted in the removal of her big toe and several bones.  We pray for her recovery at ZCH, especially as she experiences dementia.  (Jean is a sister to Alvin Blauwkamp)


Betty Kroll:  Please keep Betty in your prayers as her most recent consultations revealed that she has not healed enough to begin her chemotherapy and radiation regimen.  We pray that Betty would continue to heal and would be able to begin treatments soon.


Jerry & Judy Redder:  Please be in prayer for Jerry & Judy’s son, Tom, who underwent emergency surgery this past week to clean an infection that he had in a tooth, that spread to his neck.  Tom is currently on a breathing tube and is in ICU.  We pray that the antibiotics and forthcoming surgeries would allow the infection to clear so that Tom can be restored to health and strength.


Todd VandenHeuvel:  Please remember Todd in your prayers as he continues to recover from a stress fracture in his left foot.  We pray that this injury would be healed soon allowing Todd to return to work and regular activities.


Jennie VanderWoude:  Please keep Jennie and her family in your prayers as Jennie’s son-in-law, Bob, died as a result of COVID-19.  Jennie’s daughter, Karen, remains in ICU, also with COVID-19.  We pray for the Lord to be merciful and comforting to this family.


Council Member of Focus:

Elder Terry Boerman






Joel & Linda Beezhold:  Please remember the Beezhold family in your prayers as they grieve the death of Joel’s father, Nick, who passed away this past week.  We pray for the Lord’s comfort and peace in this time.


Alvin & Arlene Blauwkamp:  We pray for Al & Arlene as his brother-in-law in Iowa passed away from COVID-19.  We pray for peace during this time of grief.


Eric & Nakisha DeJong:  Please keep the DeJong family in your prayers as Eric’s grandfather passed away this past week.  The family is thankful that his suffering is done and that he is now in Heaven.


Jeff & Stephanie Klein:  Please be in prayer for Stephanie and her family as her grandma, Betty, died on Saturday, May 30, after a battle with COVID-19.  We pray for this family, not only in their grief, but in their sorrow of not being able to be with her due to isolation restrictions.


John & Beth Apotheker would like to say “Thank You for your prayers and comforting words on the passing of Beth’s sister, Mary Patrick.  We are so thankful that her suffering is ended and she is now with her Heavenly Father in glory.”


Earl & Judy Mokma would like to say “Thank You North Street Family!  We are thankful for all the calls, visits, offers of assistance, flowers, prayers, and cards that you showered on us at the time of Earl’s heart issues and following surgery.  You showed the Love of Christ by your actions!  We are most grateful to our Great God for his healing mercies and sustaining grace!  It is wonderful to have a family that supports as you do!!! Thank you!”





Marlin Vis lives at Grace of Douglas in Douglas.


Carolyn Redder lives at Resthaven Care Center (740 College Avenue Rm.#17) in Holland.





Krista Hoek (daughter of Scott & Karen) is a Senior at Calvin University.  She is working on a Major in Accounting and a Minor in Data Analytics.  This summer, Krista is taking Intro to Computing.  This coming fall she will be finishing her undergraduate degree and beginning the Master of Accounting Program at Calvin.  The classes she plans to take this fall are Auditing, Cost Accounting, Accounting Systems, and Information Systems & Data Management.  During the school year, Krista works part-time as an Accounting Intern at RDV Corporation in Grand Rapids, this summer she will be working there full-time.  Krista will be celebrating her 22nd Birthday on Thursday, June 11!  Happy Birthday Krista!  We continue to pray that God will bless you as you finish up your undergraduate degree and start working towards your Master’s degree.





Office Hours are limited.  Please email or leave a voice mail and Sharon will get back with you.


Medical Equipment:  If you or a family member has need of medical equipment, please contact Deacon Ryan Boerman (1.616.437.7845).


The North Street Seniors will NOT be having their monthly breakfast on Thursday, June 11.  We’re missing all of you!  Hopefully soon we can meet again.





Family Research Council has two openings:

        Accounting/Mail Processing Assistant   (full time)

        Donor Appreciation/Phone Representative  (part time)

Please fax a cover letter, resume, and salary expectations to the attention of the Human Resources Department at 616.394.5254, mail to 11311 James Street, Holland, MI  49424, or email to the Family Research Council at






North Street Christian Reformed Church

June 7, 2020 – Morning Worship Service

Drenthe Grove / On-line Service



God Greets Us

  Opening Adoration of God                                             “Oh, How Good It Is” (vs. 1-3)


  Call to Worship                                                                                      Hebrews 12:28

  Opening Prayer                                                                                                              

  Hymns of Praise                     “We Will Extol You, God And King” (LUYH-562 vs. 1&2)

                                                                        “Be Strong In The Lord” (W&R-514 vs. 1-3)


God Assures Us Of Forgiveness

  Introduction & Prayer for New Elders & Deacons                                                        

  Hymn of Thanksgiving                                                 “Grace Alone” (W&R-436 vs. 1&2)

  Congregational Prayer                                                                                                    

God Instructs By His Word

  Hymn of Preparation                        “Rise Up, O Church Of God” (CH-433 vs. 1,3,4)

  Prayer of Illumination                                                                                                    

  Scripture                                                                       Deuteronomy 31:1-8 (page 203)

  Sermon                                                              “The Lord Goes Before You”

  Applicatory Prayer                                                                                                         

  Hymn of Response                                                                “O Church, Arise” (vs. 1-4)


God Sends Us


  Closing Adoration of God             “My Friends, May You Grow In Grace” (LUYH-938)














Morning Worship Service – June 7, 2020

“The Lord Goes Before You”

Deuteronomy 31:1-8 (page 203)

Rev. Shaun Furniss








I.    Encouragement To The People (vs. 1-6)














II.  Encouragement To The Leadership (vs. 7-8)