North Street
Christian Reformed Church

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July 25, 2021


Morning Worship Service

9:30 AM

(Services available on website


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“Angels, Trumpets And Woes”

Revelation 8:6-13;

Revelation 9:1-21


Evening Worship Service

5:30 PM


Message by Rev. Shaun Furniss

“Like All The Nations”

I Samuel 8:1-22




Accompanists:     AM     Stephanie Klein, Val Leegwater

                      PM     Sue Arendsen

Ministry of Music: AM      Jennifer Fortosis

Ushers:          AM & PM   John Bos (East), Curt Lucas (Center), Alden Lucas (West)

Rover:             AM     Scott Hoek                                                        PM     Todd VandenHeuvel

Nursery:         AM      Leigh VanDussen, Ruth Meekhof, Naomi VanDussen, Addison Boersema

                     PM     Megan VanDussen, Hope DuBois, Sadie DuBois

Audio/Visual Operators:  AM     Jerry Redder, Ron Oskam, Mitch Boerman

                              PM     Martin Bostrom, Ron Oskam, Mitch Boerman




Accompanists:     AM     Ruth Meekhof

                      PM     Ruth Meekhof

Ushers:          AM & PM   Bill Lyzenga (East), Nick Fortosis (Center), Carl Weener/Hunter Vincent (West)

Rover:             AM       Brent Leegwater                                               PM     Zach VandenHeuvel

Nursery:           AM      Shawna Bouwkamp, Lisa Poortvliet, Andrew Boerman, Lydia Busscher

                     PM     Amanda Furniss, Tyler Bostrom, Elizabeth Venema

Audio/Visual Operators:  AM   Jerry Redder, Larry Redder, Jackson Busscher

                             PM   Martin Bostrom, Larry Redder, Jackson Busscher


Bulletin Announcements should be submitted by noon on Thursdays. 

You may submit announcements by e-mail (, by calling Carol (772.1557), 

Or write them out and place them in the Bulletin Editor’s mailbox in the Narthex.






Sunday – July 25

9:30 AM    Morning Worship Service

5:30 PM     Evening Worship Service


Monday – July 26

7:00 PM     Elders/Deacons Meetings


Tuesday – July 27

6:30 AM    Elder Prayer Time

3:45 PM     Worship Planning Meeting


Wednesday – July 28

7:00 PM     Kid’s Church Softball Game-Final Game

                    @ Drenthe Grove


Thursday – July 29

7:30 PM     CCM Bible Study





Aug. 1     SKLD Worship Service

Aug. 2     Executive Committee Meeting

Aug. 3     Building & Grounds Committee Meeting

Aug. 5     CCM Bible Study

Aug. 8     Communion – PM Service

Aug. 9     Council Meeting





Jennie VanderWoude lives at Holland Home/Raybrook Manor in Grand Rapids.


Hermina Fransens lives at SKLD Healthcare Center in Zeeland.





Winnie Machiela is looking for someone to help with her personal care for about an hour each morning (8:00-9:00 AM).  You would be compensated for your time.  If you are able to help, please give Winnie a call (772.4120).  Winnie would also like to say “Thank You for the many prayers, cards, and calls I have received over the last several weeks.  They are all appreciated so much!”





Connie DeHaan:  Please keep Connie and her family in your prayers as her niece’s husband, Wayne Webb, passed away on Wednesday morning from a massive heart attack.  We pray for the Lord’s comfort and peace for these families.


Sharon DuBois:  Please continue to be in prayer for Sharon and her family as preliminary tests have shown that Sharon’s particular kind of breast cancer is triple negative. This means that she will have 5 months of chemotherapy prior to surgery.  We pray for Sharon as she continues to have testing done and prepares for upcoming treatments.


Kristin Sterk:  We give thanks to the Lord that Kristin was able to have her testing done this past Tuesday, and pray that she will be able to get results soon.


Jane TenHarmsel:  Please keep Jane’s son-in-law, Kim, in your prayers as a small growth was found under his tongue.  We pray that further testing this week will determine its origin and possible treatment options.


Vern VanKlompenberg:  Please be in prayer for Vern as he will be going to the wound clinic this week to address the open wound on his leg.  We pray for healing and that it will not get infected.


Council Member of Focus:

Elder Ron Lucas






Beautiful Gate in Lesotho, Africa, provides care for babies and orphaned children.  Their main emphasis has been on reaching children in crisis situations.  Check their website for more information.





Kids Church Softball League:

                        Wednesday, July 28 @ 7.00 PM

                        @ Drenthe Grove

This will be the last game of the season and will be an inner-team game.


Hymn Sing Song Request:  A reminder that the Worship Committee would love to have more song requests for our monthly hymn sings.  Please fill out a slip with your name and your requests, and place in the box at the ‘Welcome Center’.  We will use any songs we have previously sung in worship.  Thank You.


Security Rovers:  A new schedule for Security Rovers will be put together in the coming weeks.  We are in need of 5-10 new rovers.  If you would like to be added as a rover, or would like your name removed, please contact Todd VandenHeuvel, before August 9.





Offering Schedule:

July 25:  AM   North Street CAP

           PM   Parkview Home



August 1:  AM   Right To Life Education Fund


             PM   The Bridge





The Bridge Youth Center is in need of food to feed the kids lunch on Mondays-Thursdays each week.  Anything from individual snacks to actual meals.  They also always enjoy baked goodies.


The Bridge Youth Center has a mini pantry outside of their door.  The supply of food to stock this pantry is running really low.  Macaroni & Cheese, cereal, spaghetti sauce & pasta, peanut butter & jelly, or anything your family would enjoy.  Please consider donating any of these items.  Your support is always appreciated!


Parkview Adult Foster Care Home is hiring:

        Housekeeper:  Part-time position with great flexibility.  Approximately 3-4 hours a day/Monday-Friday.  Cleaning the home (resident bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living space) and doing the residents’ laundry.

        Evening Relief:  Part-time position and would be great for someone who enjoys spending time with people with developmental disabilities.  Monday/Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 5:00-9:00 PM.  No weekends.

Please contact Jennifer Letcher at, or 616.490.0884 if you are interested in applying for either of these positions.


The Calvinist Cadet Corps is hosting the 7th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot to benefit the Cadet ministry.  The event will be held on Saturday, August 21, at the Blendon Pines Gun Club in Zeeland.  For more information, call the Corps office (616.241.5616 ext.4) or check out the Cadet website ( under the ‘events’ tab.  Everyone is welcome!  Registration forms are available from your Cadet Club Head Counselor, or you can register at the website.  Lunch will be served at 11:30 AM.  Join us for a fun-filled day!

If you can’t make it out for the event, but still want to be involved, we are looking for people willing to sponsor stations or make a pledge for a participating shooter.  For more information on these giving opportunities, contact Kim at the Corps office (616.241.5616 ext.4).